Eviota Pamae Discovery Assist from Matt Brooks, San Francisco

The recently discovered species of goby called the Eviota pamae was found on the Kei Islands in the Maluku Province of Indonesia with the help Matt Brooks of San Francisco along with a several others. This discovery proves that there are still many new species in the ocean yet to be discovered. However, not all fish are as individually attractive as the Eviota pamae.

This newly discovered Eviota species is small measuring only 13 to 40 millimeters in length and looks very much like a miniature of the much sought after Hawaiian sunrise hogfish. The Eviota pamae has a rounded head and an elongated body. Two wide red stripes cloak a good portion of the Eviota pamae’s body, and a brilliant yellow line goes through its eye and all the way to the bottom of its tail. A vivid yellow stripe of smaller proportion is present on the center of its snout and runs above its nape. The physical beauty of the fish ensures that it will be highly sought after by the reef trade as an ideal addition to many collections. Earliest assumptions find that the fish is in abundance at least locally due to 42 of the gobies being found at the time of the discovery.

As noted, the Eviota pamae is closely related to E.raja an allopatric species from Raja Ampat Islands, which are located off the western tip of New Guinea. Although the species are similar, they contrast in color and pattern specifics. For example, the E. raja has marks on both its lower and upper caudal-fin base while the E. pamae only boasts a single dark mark on its lower base. In addition, the new species has a yellow instead of a white mid-dorsal snout stripe and a minimized blue marking on its lower cheek.

For reef fish enthusiasts and all lovers of the ocean, the discovery of the Eviota pramae is welcome. The new species will make a wonderful addition to any collection of reef fish, and thankfully, the numbers available are promising. Therefore, those that wish to obtain these fish for collections should be encouraged with news of the numbers first obtained.

Individuals who are passionate about setting up saltwater tanks featuring brightly colored reef fish know the importance of preserving reef fish and all the life that resides just under the sea’s surface. The patience and dedication it takes to create an environment outside of the ocean that will sustain fish life in the correct manner is great. However, the beauty of reef fish and this newly discovered species in particular will likely inspire even more individuals to create their own collections to enjoy. The beauty and majesty of the colorful reef fish offers a touch of beauty to any room in which a tank is displayed.

With the discovery of the Evita pamae, researchers are hopeful there are even more fish yet undiscovered waiting to be ascertained. Each search can yield the discovery of a new species making searching for more reef fish very worthwhile. This amazing new dwarf goby has renewed many individual’s interest in searching for never discovered species of these magical fish known as reef fish.