Matt Brooks of San Francisco has extensive sailing and racing experience

Matt Brooks of San Francisco has vast experience when it comes to sailing. He began sailing at a young age in his native California. Today, he is the owner of the Lucie, which is a former America Cup winner. He also has restored the epic Dorade, which is an 82-year-old yacht. Thanks to his 50 years of sailing experience, Matt has amassed many qualifications. In recent years, he has won two world championships and a European championship in sailing. He also belongs to a yacht club in Antigua and New York in addition to maintaining his membership at the St. Francis Yacht Club since 1976.


The Evoita pramae is sure to become desirable for reef fish enthusiasts thanks to its discovery by Matt Brooks of San Francisco

For reef fish enthusiasts, the recent discovery of the Eviota pramae by Matt Brooks of San Francisco and his colleagues is an exciting discovery. Individuals who are passionate about their saltwater tanks understand the importance of the recent discovery of the attractive reef fish. When a well-kept tank full of brilliantly colored reef fish is placed in a room, it enhances the area. The beauty and the majesty of reef fish is simply captivating. For those who understand and appreciate their beauty, the newly discovered reef fish becomes yet another fish to acquire and add to their current collection.

Description of the beautiful Eviota pamea found by Matt Brooks of San Francisco

The newly discovered Eviota species, which was recently found by Matt Brooks of San Francisco and colleagues, is small measuring only 13 to 14 millimeters in length. Many feel it looks like a miniature version of the much admired Hawaiian sunrise hogfish. Due to its attractiveness, experts in the industry expect the Eviota pamae to become highly sought after for collections. The population of the Eviota seems to be abundant as the group who discovered the fish were able to catch 42 fish in the same vicinity. The newly discovered species is closely related to an allopathic species from the western tip of New Guinea in the Raja Ampat Islands.

The discovery of a new reef fish species by Matt Brooks of San Francisco

Matt Brooks of San Francisco along with several other individuals recently discovered a new species of goby fish named the Eviota pamae. The discovery was made in the Maluku Province of Indonesia on the Kei Islands. This discovery proves there are still many fish species in the ocean yet to be discovered. However, not all fish are as attractive as the stunning Eviota pamae. The new species features an elongated body and a rounded head. A brilliant yellow line runs from its eye to its tail while two red stripes enhance the Eviota pamaeā€™s body. To those who discovered the lovely fish, its beauty is simply breathtaking.